FORENSIC ANALYSIS of accidents and crime events

A study of how tragic EVENTS are created by Nature in its war with MAN

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The Albert Camus PLAGUE with Virginia TECH shooting and the Germanwings airplane crash in the French Alps

RD-blog-number-6284 reviews the common denominators in the  language  ERROR PLAGUE  that resulted in the Virginia TECH shooting and the Germanwings airplane crash in the FRench Alps.


Let's look at another blog post that outlines the situation.


The split-brain SYMBOL PROCESSOR co…

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The Computer Earth STORE instruction wars with society

Rd-blog-number-4366 by Herb Zinser reviews the information databases of  shooting at /near grocery stores or shopping mall stores.

The SYMBOL MACHINE suggest that these shootings reflect  various  language system problems in society  and in brain engineering.

The shooting at Virginia TECH invo…

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The organic molecule Supreme Court Hierarchy Problem results in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson

RD-blog-number-3818 by Herb Zinser


In year  2014, a few scientists believe  that human are composed of organic chemistry  molecules and related atomic/molecular entities .. like oxygen, etc.
Therefore, when these humanoids write words or speak sounds ....  these are really output expression m…

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The Nichols plot technique and the Nichols murder plot at NIL, Cole Hall oceangraphy class..

RD-blog-number-3799 by Herb Zinser

Let's look at modern engineering applications  to society.  The new  SYMBOL MACHINE technology  use  words, equations, and languages to create EVENTS.

In some cases. the SYMBOL LIFE expresses its anger and the symbol equations in the SYMBOL UNIVERSE are tran…

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The carbon dioxide molecule continuum MURDER process and its social engineering WAR message to society.

RD-blog-number-3704 by  Herb Zinser


Let's look at EARTH LAB using modern CMS concepts.

Content management system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A content management system (CMS) is a computer program that allows publi…

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